Big Dipper’s New Video “Dick Hang Low”

Big Dipper Jelly

Big Dipper Jelly

Gay chub rapper “Big Dipper” recently released his newest video on YouTube titled “Dick Hang Low” using the theme from the well known rhyme “Do Your Ears Hang Low?”.

BIG DIPPER is a bear of a rapper out of Chicago. Known for his playful antics, catchy beatz, and exciting live performances, BIG DIPPER makes everyone wanna shake their ass and bounce their dicks. His queer mentality, smart lyricism, and humor give his music an edge and his major sound cannot be ignored. -Big Dipper’s Soundcloud Profile

Check out the video below. Be warned there are explicit lyrics and some skin.

Help Stocky Dudes Win An Award

Our favorite adult chub video site (NSFW) has been nominated for a Cybersocket Award in the category “Best Niche Site”.

StockyDudes features adult videos with chubs, cubs, and chasers. If you haven’t seen it and you like watching “adult entertainment” (and are over 18) you should check it out.

We have been big fans of StockyDudes for years and would love to see them win their first ever award. Head on over and vote for them! The voting site is SFW. Voting ends December 8, 2013.


Banner taken from the StockyDudes web site.

Smart Credit Card Features Hot Cub In Sales Video


Still from Coin Sales Video

If you haven’t heard of the new tech product launching in the spring of 2014 called “Coin” then you should let this sexy cub tell you all about it. The bear/chub world has been all a flutter since the video featuring a hot cub/chub type launched across the net recently. Basically it’s a smart credit card that holds all the data from all your other credit cards and becomes the card you want to swipe with just a press of a button. Pretty cool.

Nakia Kicks Off Tour

Cee Lo and Nakia on the set of The Voice (Spa Scene), season one

Cee Lo and Nakia at the spa

We have written about Nikia a few times here on Chubarama back when he first appeared on NBC’s “The Voice“. He describes himself like this:

“I like comic books, vinyl records, Horror movies, and sweet tea. You might have seen me on TV with CeeLo. I live in Austin with my partner Robert and our Bouvier, Tyson. I was put on this earth to write and sing songs and entertain people like you.”

Nakia is kicking off his “Dream Big” tour in support of his new EP “Drown in the Crimson Tide“. This is his first tour since appearing on “The Voice“.

Nakia performing during the GayBiGayGay 2013 party

Nakia performing during the GayBiGayGay 2013 party

Max Adler Lands Lead in LGBT Film

max-adler-hs Max-AdlerThe chubby sexy actor best known as his role on Dave Karofsky on Glee will be playing the lead role in the upcoming LGBT film, Saugatuck Cures.

In the film, Adler will play Drew Callaghan, a character who according to a July casting call, is a struggling gay volunteer firefighter who pretends to be an ex-gay minister in efforts to raise money for his mothers cancer treatment.

The films official synopsis on its Facebook page is the following:
“When Drew’s mother is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer… again, Drew and his best friend Brett set out on a road trip to pose as ex-gay ministers using exuberant hijinks to scam churchgoers, all in order to raise money for his mother’s experimental cancer treatment.”

The film directed by Matthew Ladensack and penned by Jay Paul Deratany will also star Judith Chapmam, Lady Chablis and Danny Mooney.

Excited to see Max? Tell us what you think!