New social networking site

Hey there Chubarama readers, we just got a nice letter from the creators of, a new social networking site for big men and admirers which will hopefully take the place of less reliable sites.

We here at Chubarama HQ have not had the time to register and fully check out the offerings so I suggest we send them a lot of traffic love and if anyone has good things to say, how about you come back here and leave a comment!  Yay.

Check out even more of hot bear wrestler Makina

After our first post about Chilean wrestler Makina made such a splash our original submitter sent even more hot pics for us to enjoy.  There’s a bunch of them, so head on over to Chubarama on Flickr to check out the set, and don’t forget to enjoy the Chubarama Flickr Pool while you’re at it.

“Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay” is a soon to be film classic

Seriously, we would run down every awesome person and/or chub in this movie but this over on Best Week Ever made us giggle so you should probably just watch the trailer and go over there.

We WILL add man, how fine is Saul Rubinek? I think this is our first time posting him but he looks pretty great in this with the facial scruff and the heavy brow and looking all daddy-esque. Very nice.