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Hello, faithful Chubarama readers. Chubarama HQ will be on shutdown for the next few days, with production starting up again around Sunday night-ish. Maybe. When in doubt, subscribe to our RSS feed and all the best stuff can be sent right to you without having to check the site over and over.

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Oklahoma guy is gay, wants his car’s plate to say it

To summarize, Oklahoma doesn’t want his license plate to say IM GAY even though other plates with “ST8″ invloved have gotten through multiple times and it all seems a bit double-standardy. In addition dude is pretty cute even if he’s wearing the worst hat in the history of the world, ever. Enjoy the guy with a point and lots of awkwardness. [TowleRoad]

When in doubt…post a fat guy chugging

It’s our go-to post. Besides fat guys dancing shirtless. Or James Corden making out with dudes.

At any rate – hello. If you’ve sent in a submission or tip in the past few days, we’re getting to it. We have a huge back-log because we are behind and lazy, but also because Chubarama readers are rabid fiends who send us tons of stuff every day. So if you haven’t seen something you’ve sent in, trust us, we’ve probably received it and we’re working on getting it up. Thanks – the management.

So apparently they let big husky muscle bears bobsled now

Uh…yeah.  He’s the chunky one in front.  And he goes by the name of Steve Holcomb.

Amazing, right?  Steve is certainly the breakout start of the 2010 Winter Olympics for fans of men a bit thicker around the middle, although apparently he’s been competing since 1998. Enjoy a video after the break.

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You should go to Mega Bearapalooza

Well this certainly sounds like a lot of fun – our good friend Freddy Freeman just sent word that Bearapalooza, being held April 15 – 18 in Collins, GA is going to feature 12 musicians and performers this year plus lots of other entertainment.  Plus, you know, lots and lots of hairy half-naked men.  And by half naked we may mean fully naked.  You’ll just have to go to find out.

For details, check out the official site, plus press release, and don’t forget to check out Freddy himself on Myspace.  We even have a pic of him he sent over just for Chubarama readers…after the break.  Click on through, ladies and gents.

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Adorable chub does some Single Ladies

Happy Monday, all. Here’s a nice little video.

Cute, right? Even better when a kind reader notices that this bouncing chubby stud uses the same screen name on several sites. We’re not saying you should check him out on Myspace, Biggercity, and (gulp) XTube, but he’s not exactly keeping them private, now is he? Maybe those links will end up in the comments if any readers are interested enough.