Amazingly hot guy is going to live off Groupons for a year

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This is a brilliant piece of marketing – get a well-spoken, amiable guy to put his life on hold for a year and live off of Groupons. If he gets through 365 days, he wins $100,000. Even better, the guy is hot beyond belief. Even the way he talks he is adorable.

You can follow Josh Stevens on the stunt’s website, and of course you can follow him on Twitter and there’s a Facebook group as well.

He’s currently in Boston. I say we challenge Chubarama readers from across the country to follow Josh (in a non-creepy, non-stalkery way) and hang out with him in awesome ways. And take lots of pictures, please.

Let’s check out Sweet Paul Magazine

Meet Paul.  He’s a good friend of Chubarama, and has his very own magazine, called Sweet Paul.  Oh yeah, he’s also gorgeous and wears suspenders and bowties and chunky glasses *bites fist* but that’s all just a bonus – the magazine is excellent and features all sorts of recipes, crafts, entertaining tips, and absolutely gorgeous photos.

You should absolutely check it out.

Incidentally, our good friend DJ Kurt Jo took the picture of Paul you see above.  Make sure you give Kurt some love, too, check him out at