Coach Allan Trimble suspended indefinitely


Who is Allan Trimble?  Well, he’s a football coach.  And according to multiple news sources he’s suspended.  But frankly, the details don’t mean much because…I mean, look at him.  Details just get in the way.  Thanks to everyone who sent this in.  Excuse me as stare at this picture a while longer.

The Best of Chubarama just got better – more Kevin Chamberlin in leather, coming right up


Oh yeah, we got more.  Thanks to a reader who did some digging we have even more pics to show you with Kevin Chamberlin in all of his fuzzy-faced, uberbutch leather daddy glory.  If you missed the first Kevin Chamberlin in leather post you need to go check it out, but otherwise click through, we have five more pics to share.

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Gain goes after the chubby chasing market



First things first, click both of these for excellent big-sized versions, they really do look great in their full sized glory.  We especially like the one with the big sweaty daddy bear at the grill.  We have a thing for chefs here at Chubarama (duh) but we especially have a thing for naked chefs who look like they could snap their sous chef in half.  Thanks submitter!

Film Trailer: Gordos

So we here at Chubarama don’t speak Spanish, but from the look of the trailer Gordos is a dark comedy, or maybe a dramedy, which involves a lot of fat people eating food and talking to each other.  Sounds like our idea of a good time!  Big thanks to the submitter, you can check out the (pretty racy, not a good idea at work) trailer and some screen caps after the break.

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Irish politician Ross Hussey looks like Peter Griffin


Omagh councillor Ross Hussey said he was told about his cartoon lookalike by his nephew and a young party colleague.

The Ulster Unionist said he was not flattered but it did amuse him.

“Personally I can see no resemblance, but I have watched it and we would have certain similar traits – that’s all I’m prepared to admit to,” he said.

Video after the break!  Thanks, submitter.  [BBC News]

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