Feature: 10 Tumblelogs to Watch

Tumblr is a lot of fun, it’s true. If you’re not familiar with the service, Tumblr is a blogging platform which is easy to setup, easy to use, and quite addictive thanks to the service’s infuriating “tumblarity,” a score based on such things as your follower count, your number of “likes” and “reblogs,” and your innate worth as a human being.

The best part is that it’s loaded with pictures of big fat guys.  And they’re usually naked.  Tumblr is not the most family friendly place. BUT you have to know where to go. To get you started, we’re presenting 10 to watch, after the jump.


Where: http://hamam.tumblr.com/

What You’ll See:  Young chubs, drawings, web finds, lots of behinds


Where: http://bearsinspeedos.tumblr.com/

What You’ll See:  Pretty self-explanatory


Where: http://chubbies.tumblr.com/

What You’ll See:  Bears, young guys, action shots, web finds, pics from bear/chub events


Where: http://mrbenzadrine.tumblr.com/

What You’ll See: Bears, internet funnies, hot pics of the author himself


Where:  http://jjbobson.tumblr.com/

What You’ll See:  Straight guys, frat boys, thin guys, country boys, college guys


Where: http://vooduude.tumblr.com/

What You’ll See: Vintage nudes, bears, internet funnies


Where: http://huskymenlover.tumblr.com/

What You’ll See:  Built guys, husky guys, bears, chubs


Where:  http://ursius.tumblr.com/

What You’ll See:  Bears, cubs


Where:  http://bubbasbbq.tumblr.com/

What You’ll See:  Young guys, bears, cubs


Where:  http://bigbonedfuzz.tumblr.com/

What You’ll See:  Bears, built guys, action shots

Did we forget your favorite person on Tumblr?  Well, we probably didn’t forget, it’s just that there’s a lot more than 10 good ones.  Keep watching for another batch of our favorite Tumblelogs soon, and don’t forget to check out:


Where:  http://chubarama.tumblr.com/

What You’ll See:  Chubs, celebrities, internet funnies, pop culture that don’t fit here on Chubarama.net

6 thoughts on “Feature: 10 Tumblelogs to Watch

  1. Most of them are pretty good, but TheHamam seems to be attracted to little boys. He posts (non illegal) pictures of chubby eight year olds along side pictures of of-age people stating how he can’t wait for them to come of legal age. It’s really odd..

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