It’s a James Corden Extravaganza

Horne & Corden has started airing in the UK and ever since we’ve had loads and loads of submitters send in the best parts.  Thanks to all of you.  First up we have two videos from the show.  After the jump you’ll find several images of Corden showing off a lot of skin, including some excellent shots of his bare bum.  The man lives to take his shirt off on camera.


16 thoughts on “It’s a James Corden Extravaganza

  1. so sad, Matt. since nothing that could ever happen in this universe will ever be able to top this (save jc spreading those cheeks apart, possibly), this blog, and in fact the entire internet have peaked and henceforth are no longer necessary.

  2. Did this cheeky footage actually air on British television or only on British cable? It’s a shame you can’t have this on U.S. television.

  3. The show featured copious amounts of Corden shirtless, which was, as always, excellent. What wasn’t funny was the show’s reliance on ‘gay = funny’, which, for a pair who know they’ve both got big homo fanbases, a bit uncomfortable.

  4. Corden is a homo himself- don’t believe all that crap in the papers about his girlfriends. Up until 4 years ago he had a gaydar profile.

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  6. james is going to be at the royal national theatre london england this spring / summer in a = servant for two masters= what chance of serving them both .lovely belly our james has.and he will always play.

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