Ladies and Gentleman: Chef Graham Elliot Bowles

You’ve seen him in short shorts, you’ve seen his bare behind, you’ve seen him look crazy hot via twitter, playing football, and staring at the camera all the way back to April 2008.

But you’ve never seen this. So scandalous and majestic you must click through to see it.


That, my friends, is Chef Graham Elliot Bowles on vacation in Thailand.

That, my friends, is also how you get into The Best of Chubarama with just one simple picture.

23 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentleman: Chef Graham Elliot Bowles

  1. Holy hell! I had to take the day off from work because of this. Its hard to work in a crowded office when you cant keep your hands off “yourself”.

  2. graham looked very gay, and he is more to chub for slim. he even knows about chubarama, i guess he just not ready yet to expose his orientation. :)

  3. That dude is soooooooooo HOT! We need more hot, smooth chubs like him! I would surely lick him ALL over, and ANYTIME he wants! hehe

  4. Does Graham know how hot he is, folks? I sincerely hope he IS gay friendly, looking like that, and being pals with Nakia and Rob. Damn, if Gordon Ramsey and Tom Colicchio (of Top Chef) only knew….. :)

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