Max Adler Lands Lead in LGBT Film

max-adler-hs Max-AdlerThe chubby sexy actor best known as his role on Dave Karofsky on Glee will be playing the lead role in the upcoming LGBT film, Saugatuck Cures.

In the film, Adler will play Drew Callaghan, a character who according to a July casting call, is a struggling gay volunteer firefighter who pretends to be an ex-gay minister in efforts to raise money for his mothers cancer treatment.

The films official synopsis on its Facebook page is the following:
“When Drew’s mother is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer… again, Drew and his best friend Brett set out on a road trip to pose as ex-gay ministers using exuberant hijinks to scam churchgoers, all in order to raise money for his mother’s experimental cancer treatment.”

The film directed by Matthew Ladensack and penned by Jay Paul Deratany will also star Judith Chapmam, Lady Chablis and Danny Mooney.

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