Oh good, here’s James Corden wearing not much at all

Here’s our Chub of the Year 2009, up on the high-dive, in all his glory.  We would tell you what was going on here, but our friends over at James Corden Fansite do such a good job covering all things Corden, you should just click on over to them.  After you’re done staring at the above picture for a while.

Thanks submitters.

Update:  wsbear on tumblr has a nice hi-res scan, too.

8 thoughts on “Oh good, here’s James Corden wearing not much at all

  1. You know what makes me curious? In an article relating to one of Corden’s up coming movies he was said to use a stunt butt double as he was too shy to show his own?!! This made no sense to me at all. Not only has he done it before, but the pictures are plastered all over the internet and he has no issues wearing practically nothing. So why? My theory is he went out and got himself a nice big bear paw tatoo on his bum and doesn’t want to spill the beans by showing it off. Can never get enough of this guy.

  2. would please somebody tell him that when an actor go on FULL nudity and do gay LOVE scenes will only make him go closer to win an oscar

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  4. hi james came back to the fold and all will be forgotten /forgiven.
    you will make a man very happy i am sure you will make a good wife/bitch.saw you in one man two govnors.wooooof
    the way you spread that arse and fart i would love to catch thatin my mouth love you baby francis

  5. makes me want to play PIN MY LIPS ON HIS DONKEY DICK. this pic makes me want to cry because i don’t know how to make him fall in love with me. boo-hoo.

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