Jonah Hill is bigger

Multiple sources have posted this photo from May 17th, showing Jonah Hill traipsing around New York City looking noticeably bigger than his 21 Jump Street days. The oversized shirt is probably adding a few pounds, but I think it’s safe to say Jonah is headed back to fatter times quickly.

Feel free to post a comment expressing your surprise, non-surprise, and / or delight.

Handsome Bearded Daddy Bear John Brennan Strips at the Airport

Woof! John Brennan of Portland, OR decided he had had enough of the TSA at the airport Tuesday evening, so he decided to fully disrobe in protest. Can we make this a trend, please? Large naked men at the security line is one of the few things that could make the whole process tolerable.

See the uncensored butt shot after the break, and see more pictures and an interview over at KATU.

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