So this Adam Richman from Man v Food is pretty hot

I was on the fence about posting this guy – we here at Chubarama think he’s really cute regardless but it’s hard to get a good look at his chubby credentials, aka his belly.  Either way he’s at least nicely husky and after a few requests from readers we’re happy to ablige.  Check out the official site for more pictures and vlogs, and enjoy the video goodness below.

43 thoughts on “So this Adam Richman from Man v Food is pretty hot

  1. omg!, i am beyond pissed that you would have adam richman on this website, it's bulshit and utterly rediculious. Adam is such an amazing man and yes he's very good looking. Why the hell would you even think to put him on a website like this? or even have one like this…what kind of people are you? I'm a very big fan of adam and his show, what he does holds the consequence of packing on some extra lbs but i'll have you know that adam works out with his personal trainer twice a day and is a very healthy eater when he's not doing his show. There are tons of people out there who have a tummy on them and are doing nothing about it…this is adams job, not only does he love it but it's something that the world has come to love too. Adams a very good looking man and i back him up 100% i won't stand for you putting him on this website and saying what you've said…i am horrified with this. You people need to grow up and find a real job, and unless you're showing real clean support for adam then just leave him alone!

  2. Sometimes when people think i’m hot, i give them a swift punch to the face. Seriously, why would someone say something like that?

  3. thank you for standing by me in this guys!, like i said this website alone is dusgusting but having adam richman included in it more then pisses me off. so thank you!!

    • So is "showing clean support for adam" means getting all psycho and spewing vile, hate-filled tirade in a site that finds him attractive? What exactly is wrong about finding someone who has a tummy beautiful? I might fail to see your demented reasoning, but I clearly see through your self-righteous arrogance.

  4. ok,Molly has to be someone sockpupeting for trollnesses sake. no real human being could be this stupid, right? I’m used to women having low reading comprehension in general, plus a requisite fondness for irrational arguments, speaking from ignorance and blind ad hominem, but this is above and beyond the normal symptoms of that tragic aneuploidy of having two x chromosomes.

  5. OK freedumbring, stop looking up the definitions to half the words you said….lol your a moron I support Molly and what she said….You went off the subject and started criticizing Molly's reading comprehension….Really?! your an idiot just like chubarama and this whole website… This is disgusting and it does piss me off even more that such a good guy like adam richman is even on here……so adam we love Man Vs. Food, keep doing what your doing!!…….and the website can go straight to hell lol…c ya

  6. Wow…can we say stupid? Molly, you’re an idiot. Why would you even be looking at a site like this and posting comments if you didn’t respect the site? Maybe you actually used your two brain cells and discovered how to actually use the internet to search for something Adam Richman related and stumbled on to the site. Yeah…it happens, but why the hell would you post comments on here if you hated what they have to say? They even state on here that they were ON THE FENCE ABOUT POSTING ADAM ON HERE, so it’s not like they were posting him to bag on him. If you don’t like what is posted on here, don’t visit the site. Clear and simple. Oh and Bob, since you support Molly so much, maybe you two can set up some time to hang out and put your brain cells together to make four of them.

  7. So…I don’t understand Molly or Bob. Do you not understand WHY he is on this site?

    I find him sexy as all hell. LOVE watching his show. I think he’s got some damn good looks, but hes also got an awesome personality!

  8. I think he’s gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous! So I don’t have a problem with looking at him on this site or any other site. Plus, he is very sweet. A few friends of mine had the great fortune of meeting him and will attest to that. So he has inner beauty as well.
    I think men with tummies are better-looking as a rule. No ninety-pounders for me!

  9. I’m not sure why you ladies think this website is disgusting or offensive. It’s about admiring chubby/husky/fat sexy men. Adam Richman is WAY hot, so what is the problem? By the way, I just stumbled upon this website today, and I am SO glad I did!!! Full of hotties! I would have been SUCH an awesome bear, if it weren’t for this damn vagina of mine…

  10. i think i was one of the first people to bring up adam here….he is super hot and he does seem like a great guys. too bad molly is so full of hate that she can’t see that we are FANS of adams…..
    which reminds me, if you guys wanna see adam shirtless, there’s a GREAT scene in the Pittsburgh episode where he’s getting ready to eat hot wings and he gets in a tub of ice water….NO SHIRT…’s…..yummy! maybe you can post a pic of it here???

  11. I think it’s really funny that Molly takes offense to Adam Richman being admired on this site. Who else would think he was sexy?
    Food competitions are disgusting in nature. Adam Richman goes from town to town, for his disgusting job, promoting obesity and unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle…I honestly don’t care that he’s got a personal trainer and or how he eats when he’s not “working.”
    Eating several pounds of greasy, cheese-covered meat in one sitting promotes diseases of the bowels. His job is not a positive contribution to humanity.
    The only people who would find him “sexy” are people with fat fetishes.
    Molly, why are you surprised? “Food Challenges,” that involve eating as much greasy food as possible, will NEVER be sexy to people without a fetish for it.
    People are starving in the 3rd world, fighting over rice and lentils. Adam Richman shouldn’t even be on TV. Think of how many children could have been fed by even one of his “challenges”…it’s a disgusting display of gluttony.

  12. First of all, MOLLY, you are an IDIOT. Get a grip and get some reading and comprehension skills. This is a blog ‘DEDICATED TO THE BEAUTY OF BIG MEN!’ TRY READING THE HEADER AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE!

    Let me spell it out for you further: Adam Richman IS NOT THIN. He’s not obese either, but he is HUSKY. This site both APPRECIATES THIS AND CELEBRATES BIGGER MEN.


    It’s sad idiots with absolutely no intelligence MOLLY AND BOB SHAPOOPI run rampant on the internet.

  13. I wish there was pics of himn shirtless like they showed on the episode where he gets the icebath someone please post if u find video or pics of this

  14. Adam Richman is a very hot man. My family watches his show all the time and every time I see is his sexy face I just stare at his hefty figure and get a little hard inside. I wanna have sex with so bad. He’s one of the many guys I fantasize humping at night. When we saw the part of him shirtless in the tub from the Pittsburgh episode my hormones went crazy! That night I stayed up late while everyone slept and fast-forwarded to that part just so I can keep seeing that hottie’s sexiness. :D
    To me he’s the hottest and most gorgeous tv host ever.

  15. Molly and Bob sounds like the same stupid person who can’t read.

    Coming onto a site that celebrates and honors “big” men INCLUDING Adam Richman and getting “pissed” off makes no sense.

    Molly and Bob (same person) actually thinks that some comments are supportive of her when they are really being sarcastic at her stupidity!
    SARCASTICALLY making fun of her for not understanding that the blogs on this site is meant to COMPLIMENT Adam and other Big Men.

    So Molly, if you love Adam Richman, why the hell are you upset with a site that says Adam and other Big men are Hot???

  16. I don’t consider Adam “fat” at all. He’s husky, but in the best possible way. I want him to give me a big bear hug every time I see him. He’s so cute, sexy and charismatic, he makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

    I bet Adam wouldn’t mind at all about being featured on this site. I’ve never been offended when somebody said I was “hot.”

  17. all i want to say is he may look healthy, on the outside but whom so ever thinks that seeing him scoff down thousands of calories at one setting is wonderful you need your head examined OK he is slowly killing his liver and kidneys and heart and i bet by the time he hits 60 if he makes it to 60 his health will be gone down and over and around the hill i love him to he has a good show until he decides to scoff down thousands of calories and you can see he is definitely gaining weight

  18. Oh hey. I’m a lady, Adam is gorgeous, and Molly is a severely inept human being. Just because we find him attractive for a certain physical trait that you happen to not be so fond of, doesn’t make it disgusting. It makes it a personal preference. People have those now.

  19. I think part of the appeal is that we get to see this guy constantly putting things in his mouth… also thanks to the person above for the link to the ice bath… he’s furry too, perfect size… I think he’s adorable.

  20. I have nothing against anything here except maybe for the sexism in the upper comments… I mean seriously guys, get your head out of your ass and stop being so damn sexist.

  21. Freedumbring is infuriating me to a point I wish I could get my foot through this computer and give him a swift kick to the softspot. Oh and Adamrichmanisgross we really couldn’t care less go hug a tree.

    i dont know why he doesnt have a gf yet? AM I RIGHT LOVERS OF MAN VS FOOD?! I love his show!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Adam richman is totally hot and molly is it, that thinks adam richman is gross… You wouldn’t know a great guy if he hit you in the face not only is he completely out of this world hot he is an ex-soap actor and he is also a college graduate. you tell me where you can find a better guy? he is even respectful to his mother and we know that is rare of men these days. And actully molly he is only 165lbs and he is 5’7″ that is not that fat. so you need to shut your stupid mouth before i find you and kick your ass.

  24. OMG! I’ve just saw the video where he is shirtless!! :O He’s very hot, handsome, gorgeous! WOW!! I love him, I love his body , he’s perfect!! Also love his personality, he’s so sweet and he looks adorable staring at the food and while he tastes it he looks so happy :) I love him!! <3

  25. I LOVE Adam Richman, Thanks for this fellas!
    I have to say for the haters though saying ‘i find this husky guy’ attractive IS a compliment, Im a girl and 9 out of 10 guys i find attractive are ‘built for comfort, not for speed’, A.R included… so if you haters dont like this page, dont visit it simple as that!
    BTW Pittsburgh Video *Schwing*

  26. HAhAHA! Jut read the retarded Molly’s comments. How dumb are you? Clearly this is a site for lovers of hursuit men! Are you a homophobe or just dumb?

  27. Oh Molly, hopefully you have died between your comment and now. I can only imagine you are a fat hairy bitch that hasn’t had sex – EVER. Fuck off and die you loser.

  28. Okay Molly might be a bit off and misguided but why does she have to be stupid because she’s a woman? Or a “fat hairy bitch”? Isn’t fat hairy people what we look for here? Haha. But C’mon guys, dont feed the trolls you just make yourself look bad

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