10 thoughts on “The one you’ve been waiting for – Kevin James shirtless in pictures

  1. Channel 4 in the UK used to air King Of Queens at 8.30 in the morning. My boyfriend used to wake me up “there’s some porn on TV”. I’d love to see him nude. And maybe bending over, from behind. :)

  2. He’s AWESOME!!! In the movie “Now I Pronounced You Chuck and Larry” he has a shirtless escene! I love this guy!!! He’s very cute and handsome!!! Awesome!!!

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  4. Kevin James is my dream guy, I’d do just about anything to get a chance to sleep with this extremely handsome man!

  5. I wouldnt mind having Kevin in my bed,,morning, evening and night, yes he is a sexy man and just my type of bear man, I wouldnt let him rest.

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