Unbelievable: Gareth Mason dances Bond on Graham Norton

Wow. We’ve posted big men dancing before but it’s mostly been for laughs.  This guy moves insanely well for being so heavy.  What a joy to watch.

Gareth has also done quite a bit of commercial work. We’d like to swear up and down that we’ve posted this Visa commercial before but after some searching we can’t find it. But that’s ok, what’s the harm in posting it again, eh?

For more Gareth Mason check out his YouTube account and official site and his Myspace where he doesn’t list is sexual preference but, uh, draw your own conclusions.

12 thoughts on “Unbelievable: Gareth Mason dances Bond on Graham Norton

  1. He is ssooooo agile, and handsome as well.Oh, and you had posted the Visa ad. I think I still have it stored in my hotmail account. I take them out and play with them often.

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