Who is Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis?

It seems like a lot of people these days want to know. Jason Davis, sometimes referred to as “Gummi Bear,” is the brother of the slightly more famous Brandon Davis, sometimes referred to as “Greasy Bear.”

The brothers are heirs to a billion dollar inheritance, which explains their tabloid popularity and socialite status. Brandon, pictured above, is perhaps most recently famous for calling Lindsay Lohan “a firecrotch.”

Jason is frequently seen on celebrity news and gossip blogs getting turned away at the front door of exclusive clubs. His sense of fashion tends to be quite flamboyant, and from the looks of this video, he can play the piano a bit.

Click here to see Chubarama’s original post about Jason Davis, including a picture of him shirtless at the beach.

31 thoughts on “Who is Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis?

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  2. Thanks I was also wondering who the heck this guy is as he is always mentionned on TMZ without saying who he is. So basically, once again, he is someone who is popular for doing absolutely nothing…

  3. Me too!!! every time I see a picture of him he kinda looks familar, but I know I haven’t seen him before. NOw it all makes sence, gummi and his brother look lots alike

  4. ya the male versions of the Hilton Sisters.
    Now we have the Bear Brothers.
    Great just what we needed.

    They all should fly off somewhere and never be heard of agian.


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  7. i just saw the douchbag on millionaire matchmaker.. he is a fat dirty disgusting slob that obviously cant get a girl because of his uglyness and the fact that he is arrogant as all hell.

  8. Yes, saw him last night on tv too. Dude needs serious help. I think it’s obvious to everyone who watched that he needs to get to rehab very quickly. Not sure who had the bright idea to try and get him a date while he was higher than a kite during the entire episode…

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  10. I saw Jason on Millionaire matchmaker and I found him very bizzarre! I can’t believe that they even allowed him on a date as sloopy and drugged out as he was! I thought the millionaire matchmaker screened better than that! They should at the least drug test their clients! It’s not safe to send a girl to an arrogant high freak like him! Unfortunately Jason won’t find love until he can love himself and give up the drugs! Maybe celebrity rehab should be the reality show for him!

  11. You know, if you were to change places with this guy, the story would be the same. Poor people who get hooked on drugs are called “crack-heads”. If you are rich, on drugs, you are called excentric. It is very difficult to find true friends and when most people in LA are “wanna-bes”. Every person needs to ROOTED, not airy-fairy. So, I wish both brothers peace and blessings. Good luck with life. It can be difficult to trust others, but make sure you can trust yourself.

  12. gummi gummi gummi bear your looking for me and you dont even know hed be the perfect guy for me hed never look for love again and i love him hes differant and i love hes personality iam extremly picky and i can feel the chemistry through the tube wow i live here in la if its ment to be welll hook up

  13. I just watched the entire season of celebrity rehab. with jason davis. as one addict to another – keep up the good work jason! my prayers are with a guy I’ve come to love…

  14. Dear Jason,
    Keep up the great work. Don’t listen to the haters. They obviously don’t know how hard it is to kick any addiction.


  15. So he was just arrested for drug possession. Sad really. He was off to a good start if he’d just chosen to use the tools provided to him. He’s much to full of himself to think that anyone else might be smarter than himself.

  16. This guy is the perfect example for, “money can’t buy happiness”! I’ve never seen a man as miserable as he is. I think he’s trying to keep people at a distance and, honestly, I think he wants to kill himself with these drugs. I know what he feels like because I did the same thing! Alienated everyone I knew, then felt sorry for myself cuz no one liked me. So, I drank & drank, did some drugs & drank somemore, until I almost died. I laid in my apartment on the floor (I couldn’t get up) for 5 days in & out of conscienceness. The only thing that kept me alive was I didn’t want to leave my dog alone with a dead body. So they broke the door down & I was in the hospital & medical care facilities for 7 months. Since then (11 mos. ago) my mother died, my dog ran away & a couple of weeks ago my beloved sister died. I had to crawl up to get to bottom, but I’m sober. I’m grieving with no self-medication & that’s a first. I don’t like it but I do it do it because I have to. Just like this poor guy will learn if he lives long enough. Have mercy on us self-loathing addicts, we already feel bad enough.

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